Benefits of Premium

Noti Premium

Here you can find information about what features Noti Premium grants you, how you can enable premium on your server and how to manage your premium benefits!

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User Premium

We offer a package which gives you premium perks in every server that Noti is in, called User Premium which gives you the following perks:

✔️ 1x Server Premium (transferable every 7 days) ✔️ Global Vote Skip ✔️ Automatic Linked Role ✔️ Premium Support Access

Server Premium

To share the benefits with the server that Noti is in, we offer Server Premium which has the following additional perks:

✔️ 60 default Connections ✔️ All Syncable Roles ✔️ Kick Audit Logs ✔️ Refreshing Leaderboard ✔️ Priority Notifications ✔️ Import Emojis with Sub Lock ✔️ Global Message Editor ✔️ Auto-delete Notifications ✔️ Welcome and Leave Notifications ✔️ Per Streamer Custom Message Editor ✔️ Disable Offline Notifications ✔️ Leaderboard Sync Roles ✔️ Sync Social Usernames ✔️ Premium Support Access

Server Premium Plus

To offer even more features including our beta features, we offer Server Premium Plus which has the following perks:

✔️ 90 Default Connections ✔️ Beta Access ✔️ Vote Skipping ✔️ Custom Webhooks ✔️ Custom Cooldowns ✔️ Premium Support Access

Premium Addons

✔️ Additional Connections: up to 500

How much is the premium upgrade?

Noti has both Monthly and Annual premium options available for your convenience, with a 16.67% discount if you subscribe for an entire year. Premium tiers start at $5/monthly.

How to Upgrade to Premium

Upgrading to Noti Premium helps support the development and operation of Noti, as well as providing you with a higher level of service and features. Thank you for the support! ❤️

Upgrading with

  1. Head over to the Premium page.

  2. Be sure to Login before attempting to subscribe.

  3. At the top, select whether you want to bill Monthly or Annually. If you choose to pay annually, you will receive 2 months free!

  4. On the Buy Premium window, set your desired plan configuration from the list of available options, select your server and then click the Buy button to proceed

Prepaid or re-loadable cards and PayPal balances cannot be used to purchase premium since it is a recurring subscription; therefore, you must use a bank-issued card or have one attached to your PayPal account in order for the transaction to be successful.

Paying via Debit/Credit Card

  1. Enter your card details. Be sure that all details are correct.

  2. Click the Purchase button at the bottom of the pop-up and Noti will start processing your subscription.

  3. If it succeeds, Noti Premium will automatically be activated on the server you selected.

Congratulations! Noti Premium has now been activated and setup in your server. Thank you for your support! 💚

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