Have a look at our FAQ to get answers on the most common questions.

1. How do I setup Noti?

It's very simple actually, we have a whole page dedicated in setting up Noti. You can visit it here.

2. I found a bug with Noti, where do I go to report this issue?

Visit our Support Server and create a ticket describing the issue you're having. A staff member will get to you as soon as possible.

3. How do I give feedback to Noti?

Great question! We love feedback from the community. You can submit feedback through by visiting this link. Simply fill in the required detail and click "Create Post". Tip: Submitting a photo or image that represents your feedback will greatly improve our experience with fixing the issue or adding a new feature.

When submitting a suggestion, please keep in mind that it may not always be implemented as it is merely a suggestion. Additionally, please be aware that we are not obligated to give you credit as the original creator if you choose to submit a suggestion. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Error sending live notification?

If a bot can't send messages to a notification channel, it may be missing permissions. To fix this, add the bot or a relevant role to the channel and ensure they have "view channel" and "send messages" permissions with a green checkmark.

5. Notification not sending?

Double check it has the /setup in the command list

Make sure the bot has the right permissions. It needs to have the "Send Messages" "Mention everyone/roles" "Read Message History" "Embed links" "Attach files".

6. Syncable roles not syncing?

In order to sync roles, Noti needs to have the right permissions. Make sure the bot has permission to manage roles. Make sure the bot has a role above the role that it's granting.

7. Channel Counter doesn't have a correct sub count?

The subs are counted the day you add the bot; this is to due limited API data provided by Kick

8. My Notification is missing data?

The reason for this? Noti is getting the data too quickly to get all the data accurately for thumbnail & viewer count only! Another reason it can be inaccurate is due to the Kick API having issues.

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