Web Dashboard: Advanced Setup for Kick Notifications

The following illustrations and their corresponding lists break down each section and field as intended for use.

Discord roles that you intend to use for this process must be added prior to starting; otherwise, you will need to refresh the dashboard for them to show up.

Editor > Use Streamer Custom Notifications: Setup and edit fully customizable live notifications and even choose to replace global ones per streamer (premium only)

Audit Logs > Streamer Chatroom Audit Actions: Send events that occur in the streamer's chatroom to a defined Discord channel. (premium only)

Clips > Clip Notifications: Clip notifications get directly sent to a defined Discord channel. (powered by KickBot)Clips > Clips Forwarding Filters: Filter created clips notifications you receive according to Vip, Subscriber, Moderator or Streamer.

Delete Streamer: Delete and remove Discord notifications for the selected streamer.

Don't forget: Once you're happy with your changes, don't forget to save your work!

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