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Greetings and welcome to the official Noti Documentation! We are thrilled to have you here. Noti is a fully customizable Discord bot for your Discord server that enables you to send real-time Discord notifications to your server from Kick, Twitch, YouTube, Rumble and more and features a simple and intuitive web dashboard complimented with a wide array of useful slash commands. This documentation provides information on each command/field, including the description, usage and examples. If you need any additional help with Noti, ask in our Discord Server!

FREE Forever Features

Anyone can experience Noti's Free Tier at anytime: Maximize 30 connections, sync Discord roles across 4 Kick roles, control live roles and stay updated with Kick.com Live Notifications - all for free.

What's included in the free forever features: ✔️ Connections: 30 ✔️ Syncable Role Types: 4 ✔️ Live Role ✔️ Test Notifications ✔️ Stat Counters ✔️ Kick Subscription Leaderboard ✔️ Add in Kick Live Notifications

Noti Dashboard Add Noti to your Server Discord Support Server Upgrade to Noti Premium

On the side bar (to the left) you will see a number of different pages. This includes a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), updates, commands list, Premium info and a list of all of Noti's commands and features.

🟢Kick.com Live Noti Support & Full Customization

Noti offers you the ability to fully customize your Kick.com live notifications like never before using either our convenient web dashboard or our slash commands. The choice is yours; check out the left side bar for the full list of features you can set up for your Kick with Noti!

🟣Twitch.tv Live Noti Support

🌟 CURRENTLY TESTING! Want to help test? Join the testing team in our support server!

🟠Rumble.com Live Noti Support

Coming Soon!


Information Information and notes will be displayed in highlighted boxes such as this.

Success Success information will be displayed in highlighted boxes such as this.

Warning Warnings will be displayed in highlighted boxes such as this.

Danger Danger or cautionary information will be displayed in highlighted boxes such as this.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding the bot, we are always here to help. We have a dedicated support team that is available around the clock to assist you with any concerns you may have. You can easily create a support ticket, and one of our staff members will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

We are continuously working on improving Noti every day as it is currently in beta. In case you encounter any issues, we request you to kindly create a support ticket in our Discord server and our staff members will attend to your request as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate you choosing Noti as your go-to bot for notifications. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing all the amazing things you create with Noti!


If you have any questions about Noti, feel free to join our support server.

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