Setup a LIVE NOW ON KICK role for your server

✔️First Step: In Your Discord

Make sure that the bot has permission to manage roles and that the role the bot is assigning is below the highest role the bot has.

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  1. You will need to create the Discord role in your server that you wish your community members to be automatically granted anytime they go live on Kick. (e.g.: 🟢LIVE NOW ON KICK). As this autorole is simply a vanity role, we recommend leaving all permissions off by default.)

  2. (optional) Drag to move the new live now role to the preferred order of your role server's listing; for example, if you want the new role to be at the top of your server's member list, you would drag the live now role to the top of your list of roles. (Reminder: The autorole created by Noti when you previously joined it to your server must always be above even this role in order for the bot to function function as intended!)

  3. (optional) Recommended live now role settings should be enabled for `Display role members separately from online members. This will display those currently live on Kick apart from other members or at the location you chose above in per your previous steps above.

✔️Second Step: Setup Using Noti Web Dashboard

If you haven't already, now is a good time to complete the steps above under "First Step: In Your Discord"

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• Once you have the live now role created in your Discord server, you can head over and login to the Noti web dashboard. Select Manage the server you wish to get started in and then press Configure to select Kick as your social category. • On the Streamers panel, you should see Configure next to any streamers you may have previously added. Press Configure to open the streamer's configuration panel; under the General tab, you should see Live Role Sync. Select the LIVE NOW role you previously setup in the first step section. Set the User ID field to the streamer's Discord server member 18-digit ID and press Add. Lastly, make sure you press Save once you are happy with your choices.

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• From the web dashboard, select a server and press Manage. Select Kick category by pressing Configure. Select Panel from the top right menu. • Link and Sync Account: Select a discord channel to post the panel to and press Send • Congrats! If you have followed along thus far, you have just successfully posted the Noti synchronization panel to your Discord server channel. • Your members can now use the panel to link and sync their account to your Discord server.

Premium Option: You can opt to skip Noti voting link for your entire server by grabbing the Skip Voting feature from your Noti premium dashboard.

✔️Optional: Setup Using Noti Slash Commands

Don't like using the dashboard? You can use our extensive array of slash commands outlined in our Commands article, available from the left menu top section, for a more advanced setup experience!

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Sample /setup service usage:

Sample /panel synchronize usage:

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