Web Dashboard: Leaderboard Auto Roles

  • This is a new feature designed to seamlessly grant roles to your leaderboard members. With this, you can grant up to the top 3 roles for each position of weekly, monthly, or overall sub gifting.

To get started, you need to configure a Kick streamer in your Noti Dashboard -> Kick section.

Once you have a Kick Streamer configured, go back to the list of Streamers, and click the Configure button next to the streamer you want to have the Leaderboard role sync for.

Then, click on the Leaderboard link along the left side of the Kick Streamer configuration page.

On this tab, you can select from Weekly, Monthly, or Overall in the first dropdown for your leaderboard period.

Next you can select the role to receive, for each leaderboard period. This will be a list of roles currently present in your Discord server.

If you want to create a new role for this, you'll have to create the role in your Discord server first, then click the blue refresh icon on the top right to refresh the list of roles.

Lastly, you can select the amount of roles you want to give based on that leaderboard period based upon the top gifter(s) for that role period.

For example, if you select Weekly from the dropdown, Sub Gifter of the Week from the roles dropdown (assuming you have a role called that), and 1 from the number picker, it will grant the top weekly gifter the Sub Gifter of the Week role.

Click Save at the bottom when you're done configuring the role periods.

You can remove the auto roles at any time by clicking on the X button at the end of of the 3rd column next to the role you want to remove, and then click Save.

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